Walney Wind Cheetah Cubs

Walney Wind Cheetah Cubs welcomes girls and boys from 4 – 16 years of age. During the spring and summer we run concurrently with, but separately from the adults following a simple programme of 2 minute walks and 6 minute runs. About half way through our session we stop to enjoy 10 minutes of running games. Any children of Secondary School age may come unaccompanied; children not yet at Secondary School must be accompanied by a parent or named adult. We have a number of Run Leaders who take responsibility for the Cubs.

During the autumn and winter children from 7 years old are welcome to run with the adult group as long as they are under the direct supervision of a parent or named adult.

Our training sessions are Monday and Wednesday 6pm – 7pm. On Sundays the Cubs are invited to join the adults at the Amphitheatre, Furness Abbey, when they run along the beautiful and safe Abbey Path, with a group of parents and Run Leaders, while the other adults tackle a longer road run.CUBS CUBS STRETCHING MEDALS AT ULVERSTON JOHN & ABIGAIL ABBEY PATH MINI WINNERS